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How to register Private Limited Company-Full tutorial with pictorial presentation


How to register a Private Limited Company?

We will understand step by step in this tutorial that how you can do register your private limited company. As you might know about the new form published by MCA is SPICe+.By this form now it is more easy and convenient to get register.

As you might know that in Feb, 2020 MCA21 released a notification in which mentioned that new form SPICe plus is introduced, by which now it is easy method to register Private Limited Company.

What is Private Limited Company?

private limited company,  is a type of privately held small business entity. This type of business entity limits owner liability to their shares, limits the number of shareholders to 50, and restricts shareholders from publicly trading shares.

How to get Register of Private Limited Company?

If you are registering a newly private limited company you have to fill up SPICe plus form, which is newly introduced by the MCA21. For filing you have to register either as a Business user or as register user. But if you already registered you just need to login.

How to register private limited company
Login to MCA21

After getting login you have to click on SPICe plus then your form will be open as showing in the image below.


After login you have to fill Part- A & B. Lets start to fill part A of the form.

How to register Private limited company
Spice+ MCA21

  • Type of company: In this section, you will see the different type of companies like Producer Company, New Company others., Private(OPC), Nidhi Co., Unlimited co. etc. Out of this you have to choose  "New Company others".

  • Class of Company: In this section, you have to choose out of public or private. In our case, we are registering Private Co. , So that we will choose Private.
  • Category of Company: In this section, you have to choose one out of "Company limited by shares" or "Company limited by guarantee". As per your case, you can choose appropriately. 

  • Sub Category of Company: In this section, you will see different types of sub category e.g Union Govt. Co., State Gov. Co.,Non Govt. Co. etc. But you to choose Non-Govt. Company. But if you fall under any other category you can choose it accordingly.
  • Main division of industrial activity of the company: You can find main division by clicking here.
  • Descriptions of the main division: You can fill this as per your business structure.
  • Particulars of proposed or approved names: In this section, you have to Write down the name of your company that you want to alot. But remember, If you are filing only Part A at the time then in such case you have to provide two names at least. But if you are willing to fill Part-A&B simultaneously then only one name of company is sufficient. At the movement system automatically allot the name, if it would be available.
  • How to complete Part-A: After entering the name of your company system run their auto check and found whether the name you entered is currently available or not.
  • After this, you have to press the save button. After pressing save button you will see the submit button.
  • Now press submit, then you will get a popup window on which you will see 2 options (a) Submit for name reservation (b) Proceed for incorporation

How to register Private limited company
SPICe plus

If you are willing to submit Part-B later on then click on "Submit of name reservation". But if you are willing to proceed to complete full form at the same time, then click on "Proceed for incorporation".

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After completion of Part - A you need to fill Part- B, so lets understand how to fill this as well

Step1: In this part, you have to fill all parts as per your case/situation.

How to register Private limited company
Part B of SPICe plus

You must know about the following key points:

(a) You must ensure that Authorised capital can not be less than Rs.100000. 
(b)Subscribed capital can be less than authorized capital.

After filing all field press save and continue button. You will get a new window as shown in the picture.
How to register Private limited company
Part B of SPICe plus

After filling all details e.g Address and other, the system will automatically choose your registrar 
on the basis of your address, under which you have to register. After filling all details press save and continue. 

You will get a new window in which you have to fill "subscriber and directors detail"
In this section, fill detail as per your case or situation, whether the director having DIN or not having DIN. After all filing press save and continue button.

How to register Private limited company.
SPICe plus Part B

Step3: In this window, you have to fill First subscriber cum directors detail. After filling all detail of all directors press save and continue.

How to register Private limited company.
Fill directors detail in SPICe plus

Step4: You will get a new window about stamp duty value. In this section, some information will be asked like whether you already paid stamp duty value. If you select no then around Rs. 135 automatically will be added in your form , which you have to pay. 

Step4: You will get a new window to fill detail about your PAN/TAN. For filing PAN detail you can fill it easily through NSDL website by clicking here.

How to register Private limited company.
PAN/TAN detail in SPICe plus

Further TAN detail also you can fill by clicking here. You have to find AO type , Area code as per your city or nearby city.

After that select, your source of income and press save and continue.

Step5: In this section you have to upload all details all file e.g MOA ,AOA etc. After uploading all files press on save and continue then you will get a new window on which you have to read every point to tick on them. In this you have to fill about the director and Chartered Accountant.

How to register Private limited company.
Upload relevant documents in SPICe plus

After filling all details you need to do pre scrutiny then have to press submit the form. After submission, your procedure to fill the form is completed. If you did not uploaded MOA and AOA in previous step then you will get an option to upload them. 

This is all about to submit the SPICe plus form for registering the Private Limited Company.

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Written by: Pankaj Kumar

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