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How to get pass during lockdown/ how to get e pass in lockdown in haryana?


How to get pass during lockdown?

how to get e pass during lockdown in haryana
lockdown extended
Central Government initiated lockdown on 24th March, 2020 across the whole India.Which is still Continue till 17th May,2020. We all know that 2nd Lockdown have to be completed till 3rd May but Home ministry introduced 3rd Lockdown for which notification announced on 1st May, 2020.
But in 3rd lockdown some relief given by Home ministry. E- pass can be taken now.Lets understand more about E-pass.

What is meaning of e-pass?

E-pass is essential for movement from one place to other place. E-pass means which is given to whom who need it much more or for an emergency situation or ungent basis.. If any medical emergency arise or for doctors, police, essential services etc. can be taken e-pass. They have to show pass during movement if asked by the officials

Further let's understand what is the basic detail asked in the e-pass:-
How to get e pass during lockdown in haryana
How to get pass during lockdown?

1. Name
2. Contact detail
3. Id proof 
4. Proof of emergency
5. Movement from
6. Valid from/till
7. District
8. Purpose
9. Address detail
11.Vehicle detail
12.Additional Person detail

The government also clearly stated that:

1) This electronically generated pass is meant for Citizens facing emergent medical related situations and for Govt Employees who have been assigned Covid-19 duty.

2)The Movement Pass is not a right. It shall be provided after detailed scrutiny and verification of documents and reasons provided by the citizen on case by case basis. In case any information submitted is found to be false, legal action under the law shall be initiated.

How to get pass during lockdown?

Every state has different procedure to get Pass.Basic common procedure can be understood as follows:

Step 1: You have to visit the respective official website of the state/union

Step 2: Select apply for e-pass and fill all required details.

Step 3: You have to fill contact detail on which you will receive confirmation message from officials.Further also required vehicle detail and additional person detail, if any

Step 4: After all procedures done you have to wait till confirmation received from officials. There is no fix time to get e-pass. If official looks its emergency then only it will be issued.

Step 5: If you get approval then you can do movement but remember you have to carry such e-pass issued by officails.

Further you must know that it is not mandatory that you will get 100% e-pass after submitting all details. It is vary case to case. If it looks emergency then only you will get approval.

In some state like Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Odisha, Karnataka, Puducherry, Rajasthan, Telangana you can apply for e-pass through- 

Further you also have to know that several states also offering e-pass through state official websites of police official website. In Maharastra you can apply here-

How to get e pass during lockdown in Maharastra
How to get e pass in Maharastra

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Written by- Pankaj Kumar

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