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How to generate E-way bill - Practically described


How to generate an E-way bill?

E-way bill can be generated after login on official website. But before E-way bill generation you have to make sure that, you fall under rules specified by the government for generating of E-way bill. If you are not sure whether you comes under ambit of to generate E-way bill or not , then before reading this article you must read other article here

Further you also have to ensure that you already get registered under the E-way bill official site separately. If you are thinking you do not get to register under the E-way system after getting register under the GST portal, then you are not right. You must know that both registrations are to be separately done.

Now let's understand the whole procedure to generate E-way bill step by step:

Step 1:You need to get registered first on E-way bill website, if you are generating E-way bill very first time.

Step2:If you already registered or newly registered then you have to login here.

Login detail fill to generate e way bill
Login to generate e way bill
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Login detail of eway bill
Fill login detail to generate e way bill

Step3: After login you will get an interface like below image. You just need to click on sidebar e way bill and then on generate to E-way bill.

E way bill side bar
Step4:After clicking to generate you will get a new window in which you need to fill first transaction details. In transaction detail you will see two option under supply type (a) Outward (b) Inward
In this case as per your status fill outward if you are supplier otherwise fill inward.

E way bill transaction detail
E way bill transaction detail

Step5: After filling of supply type now need to fill movement type. There you will see 9 types of movement.Either you are doing supply, export, job work, SKD/CKD/Lots,Recipient not known, For own use, Exhibition or fairs, Line sales or others. As per your individual case you can opt one out of those 9 as specified above. 

Once you choose one out of nine types of movement, below mentioned Document type will be changed automatically . Documents type would be of three types:
  • Tax invoice
  • Bill of supply
  • Delivery challan
Movement type in e way bill

Step6: Now in the next step you need to fill invoice no./Document no., Document date and Transaction type. Under transaction type you need to give special attention because many people doing mistakes in this. If your transaction is "bill to ship to model" then you should not to fill "regular" in transaction type. If you don't know about bill to ship to model then must visit here.

bill to ship to in e way bill

Step7: After filing details of bill to ship to, you need to fill further items detail which is transporting from one place to another place. You have to fill following details:

  • Product name
  • Description
  • HSN code
  • Quantity
  • Units in(kg)
  • Value
  • CGST/IGST/Cess etc.
Step8: After completion of Part A of E way bill now need to fill Part-B which is related to the transporter. This section can be fill by the supplier or can be filled by transporter as well.
If the supplier doesn't know about vehicle detail then he can submit after providing GSTN of supplier only. Before initiating transportation, the transporter shall fill the other remaining portion( e.g Vehicle No.) of Part-B.

transporter detail in eway bill

Step9: After submission of all details, once click on preview and check all details again. After checking all details, click on the submit button. Now your E-way bill gets generated then after that a copy of E-way bill shall attached with transporter invoice .

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Written by: Pankaj Kumar

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